‘Sous Vide’ the French art of cooking foods “under vacuum” is increasingly popular because of its numerous advantages. Traditional cooking methods in a pan, range, oven, or grill use high and fluctuating temperatures, giving inconsistent results.

The Sous Vide process uses low cooking temperatures in a precise temperature-controlled water bath well below boiling point (usually between 50°C to 75°C). Sous Vide cooking results in healthy and nutritious dishes with high-quality tastepreserving aroma, flavour and reducing food shrinkage.

Benefits of Sous Vide cooking include:

  • Sealing in the goodness
  • Precise, consistent and tastier results
  • Concentration of flavour and nutrition
  • Minimal shrinkage and no loss of moisture
  • Low energy costs and portion control increase profitability
  • Stress free and time efficient cooking
  • Convenient - meals wait for guests to be ready… not vice-versa!

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