Commercial wood and gas fired ovens

Commercial pizza ovens are commonly the start of a successful commercial pizzeria or restaurant. A patron’s curiosity of a beautiful pizza oven and an open kitchen will always tempt them through your door. Visually beautiful with fired aroma to arouse your guests’ senses. The very best is what your customer deserves.

New Zealand’s Authentic Oven has created a traditional looking and modern performing complete stone hearth oven, fired by either wood or gas, or both gas and wood at the same time. 70-90 seconds cook time, the perfect pizza! Your output is huge with an Authentic Oven. Different to residential ovens in their design the commercial range has been developed to comply with all the safety and emissions regulations applicable to your restaurant and to serving the public. Authentic Oven’s commercial multi fuel ovens have a custom electronic flame modulation control developed to give you the most even heat cooking platform available on the market today. With a simple turn of a switch you will be up and running with the retained heat from the night before. The even heat retention in an Authentic oven is second to none! Our client list has grown fast over the past nine years and our experience is showing.

Our team of suppliers and trades people can help with any aspect of hospitality design, build and installation. We have the experience, the enthusiasm and the most aesthetically pleasing ovens and grills on the market. See for yourself!

Outdoor or indoor wood or gas fired pizza oven specialists – available worldwide manufactured and shipped from New Zealand.